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New Hyde Park-Garden City Park Union Free School District Schools | Hillside FAQ

Hillside Grade School


What is the procedure for students arriving to school in the morning?
* Children should arrive at Hillside Grade School no earlier than 8:00 AM. Supervision is unavailable before 8:00 AM; therefore, we are unable to be responsible for the safety and well-being of the children prior to this time.
* Arrival: All students should enter the building through the playground doors. The teachers on duty will escort the children into the building at 8:00 AM for in-door line up. We have faculty and staff supervising the students in the cafeteria and/or gym upon arrival. For security reasons, parents are asked to refrain from escorting their children into the school. If a parent needs to speak with a teacher, please send a note or telephone the Main Office prior to the beginning of the day. Teachers will respond to notes and telephone calls in a timely fashion.
* For safety reasons, please note that the building’s doors will be locked at all times. All students who arrive at school after 8:30 AM should enter through the front door of the building to sign the late book. Children should not be entering through the front doors on a regular basis unless there is an extenuating circumstance and permission has been given by the building principal.
* For the safety and security of our students, please remind your child(ren) that they are not allowed to play in the playgrounds during morning arrival time as we do not have supervision available.

Are children permitted to go home for lunch?
* Whether your child goes home for lunch on a daily basis or “on occasion” your child should remain at home for the full lunch period.
* Children who go home for lunch are asked to present a note to the classroom teacher, stating that they will be going home for lunch.
* Our utmost concern is for the children’s safety; therefore, no child will be released from school at lunchtime without written permission.
* Children should be picked up in the nurse’s office.

What information can you provide about lunch at school?
* Please try to send your child to school with a nutritious lunch. Fast food lunches should not be brought in for your child to eat in the school.
* Please notify the nurse and classroom teacher if your child has any food allergies. Your child should also be aware of the “foods” that he/she should not eat due to allergies. If your child has any food allergies, we encourage you to provide your child with lunch from home in order to avoid any concerns or discomforts for your child.
* A hot lunch program is offered in school. Hot lunch information and a monthly calendar menu for the lunch program can be found on our district website at
* Please remember that glass bottles and cans of soda are also not permitted.
* The lunch periods for this school year are as follows:
Grade 3 and Grade 4 from 11:30 - 12:20
Grade 5, Grade 6, PINC and SINC from 12:00 – 12:50
Grades 1 and 2 from 12:30 – 1:20
Grade Kindergarten from 1:00 – 1:50

How are phone calls managed during the school day?
* Our telephone system is equipped with a voice mail system. Messages can be left for our teachers and will be promptly forwarded to the appropriate person.
* All calls regarding illness, health matters, or to report your child’s absence should go directly to the Nurse’s Office by pressing 2 when you hear the recording.

Are students permitted to use cell phone and electronic devices during the school day?
* Please be advised that the use of cell phones, cameras or other electronic devices will not be allowed in school.
* Additionally, please remind your child that students are not permitted to take pictures during the school day and on school grounds.
* If your child has your permission to bring in a cell phone or other electronic device (for use after school hours), it must be turned off prior to entering the building and must remain off and placed in his/her backpack until the end of the school day.
* Any cell phones or other electronic devices that are observed/heard during the school day, will be secured in the school vault. Parents/guardians will be notified immediately; and you will be asked to pick it up in the main office.

What is the procedure if my child is absent from school?
* Please schedule vacations during non-school days so that your child may receive his/her full instructional program.
* When your child is absent, please call in the absence to the nurse and remember to tell the nurse the reason for the absence.
* All students must also bring in an absent note on the day that they return to school.

What is the procedure for dismissal from school?
* Parents are asked to observe the parking/NO PARKING signs at dismissal time. No child may cross the street to meet a parent in the car. All street crossing is to be done at the designated crossing area where the Crossing Guard is present.
* Parents should park their car, walk to the school exiting areas and accompany their child to the parked car.
* In order to ensure a safe and orderly dismissal, please continue to wait for your child outside the school at dismissal time.
* Kindergarten: will exit the double-doors near the Kindergarten rooms or at the side area of the Kindergarten rooms.
* Grade 1: will exit through the doors between the playground and Kindergarten doors.
* Grades 2 and 3: will exit through the playground doors.
* Grades 4 and 5: will exit through the main entrance.
* Grade 6: will exit through the doors closest to the driveway.
* Older children, in grades 4 through 6, who walk younger siblings home, must have a note from the parent in order to be permitted to meet their younger sibling at the younger sibling’s exit door. The older child will wait near the younger sibling’s exit door and be dismissed with the younger sibling’s teacher.

Am I permitted to request homework for my child if he/she is absent from school?
* Very often parents request homework when their child is absent from school. We are happy to provide these assignments, and ask that you use the “Homework Buddy” form, which will be sent to you to do so.
* The classroom teachers will automatically send assignments home with the child you designate, thus ensuring that assignments are sent home in a timely manner.

What are Friday Folders?
* Each Friday, your child will receive a folder that contains important information for parents. Additionally, this information will also be placed on our school website for your review.

Is there a Lost and Found?
* Any item found in school is placed in the Lost and Found. Our Lost and Found container (located in the main lobby area near the gym) gets filled quickly and we want to be sure that your child gets his/her items returned.
* The container will be cleaned out at the end of each marking period and school break, so please remind your child to check for lost items.