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New Hyde Park-Garden City Park Union Free School District Departments | Special Education Services

Special Education Services

Kim J. Levy

Director of Special Education Services
CSE/CPSE Chairperson
(516) 434-2307

Psychological and Social Work
The school district provides psychological services based upon referral of staff with parental permission. The school psychologist, using a variety of tests, conducts assessments of children who are experiencing difficulties in school. Evaluations, which are reviewed with parents, may guide parents and teachers in developing strategies to assist students or may indicate need for referral to outside agencies or the district's special education programs. Psychologists and the School Social Worker also assist families and students by offering consultations, visiting homes, providing group and individual counseling, and making referrals to outside agencies.

Special Education
The New Hyde Park-Garden City Park School District maintains a full continuum of special education services in keeping with the concept of least restrictive environment. The district provides consultant teacher programs, resource room programs, special class settings and an ICS (Intensive Classroom Support) program in most school buildings. Children receive special education services through the Committee on Special Education, which includes teachers, school psychologists and a parent of a child with a disability. Parents are included in all phases of the review including evaluation, placement and development of educational goals. Parents who believe their child may be experiencing learning problems should immediately discuss their concerns with the classroom teacher and school principal.

Preschool Special Education
Any resident who has an infant or child who is disabled or whom they suspect is disabled, should contact Kim Levy, the Chairperson of the Committee on Preschool and School-Age Special Education at 434-2308. It is important that the school district become aware of the needs in our community so we can plan appropriate programs.

Parental Right To Obtain Testing
Any parent who suspects that his or her child (3 years to 12 years) may have a disability which could be significantly impacting their ability to perform in school, has a right to a free evaluation through the Committee on Special Education (CSE) or Preschool Special Education (CPSE). All requests must be put in writing to the principal of your child's school or to the chairperson of the CSE and CPSE, Kim Levy.  Parents of children from birth to 3 years old may obtain testing through the Nassau County Early Intervention Program, 227-8661.

Additional information can be found on the New York State Education Department’s website relating to a parent’s guide to special education in New York for children ages three through 21:

Information to contact Kim Levy, Director of Special Education Services is noted above.

Special Support Services
Each school offers a program of academic intervention services for children who need assistance in reading and/or mathematics. Admission to the program is based upon results of the New York State Reading and Mathematics Tests. The program supplements regular instruction through the Response to Intervention Model.

The school district speech teachers screen students and assist children individually or in small groups, following the Response to Intervention Model.